Our diverse team of entrepreneurs, engineers, corporate executives and celebrities has come together help your business grow through giving

Steve Haase
Founder, CEO

Part of the original team that built The Orchard (acquired by Sony, generates over $500m in revenue per year).  Prefers ten days of silent meditation over the "standard vacation" 


Artist, Influencer, Activist, Donor, Futurist. Over 20m albums sold worldwide.  Honored by several charitable organizations.  

Frank Marshall

Co-Founder, Amblin Entertainment, 
Acclaimed Director & Producer, 
Raiders of Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, 
Bourne Identity, etc.

Dave Zuckerman

Co-Creator and Executive Producer, Family Guy.  Writer on King of the Hill, American Dad, and many more.  

James Cahall

Serial Entrepreneur.  Co-Founder and CTO, Toon Goggles (8m registered users).  Co-Founder, CEO Ottera.  Senior Engineer, Lockheed Martin.  

Steve Rifkin

Technical Advisor with 15+ years experience in systems at scale.

Craig McEldowney

Co-founder/CTO OTTera, high performance infrastructure/data modeling and analytics, guitarist, vagabond

Lara Baumgarten
Business Development

Production Attorney, Sony Pictures.