Why Is Increasing Employee Engagement in CSR is so Important?

Only 1 out of 3 employees participate in volunteer or donation programs at work.
Yet when they do, they are 57% less likely to leave the company, saving up to 1.5-2x their salary to replace them

The Features

View to Donate™

Unique IP which enables the public to view a video to unlock your $

Enterprise Analytics

Tracks employee and public engagement, delivers deep demographic data

Tools to drive engagement

Leaderboards, employee prizes, social network integrations, prizing engine to randomly select winners

White Glove Service

Dedicated account managers, ready to use high quality videos from non profits

Scalable Architecture

Cloud architecture which supports 8M registered users across web, mobile, social

Private Employee Login

Integration with corporate single sign on, or direct login for employees

The Benefits

Easy and Fun

Give employees easy and fun way to participate in CSR, drives a sense of purpose across large % of staff

Tangible Measurements

Enables you to measure talent acq, employee retention and brand lift over time

Connects Donations to Storytelling

Gives the public a values based reason to learn about the cause(s) you’re supporting (view to unlock!)

Organic marketing

Generate free, organic cause marketing, as well engagement & demographic data to measure brand lift