Why Increasing customer engagement in your CSR matters

Customers are 300% times more likely to engage in CSR campaigns than traditional ad campaigns
79% of customers want businesses to make it easier for them to do good in the world

The Features

Corporate Giving Portal

Public facing corporate giving portal which showcases past, present and future campaigns

Surveys and Lead Gen

Users can unlock additional donations by answer a survey or subscribing to mailing list

Login for Public

Enables anyone to “login, share, win”, via FB or directly, within each campaign

View to Donate™

Unique IP which enables the public to simply view a video to unlock your $

The Benefits

Generates Authenticity

Generates an authentic emotional connection between your business and the cause

Builds community

Increases the number of names/emails your business captures for ongoing communications

Drives Public Relations

Enables PR to announce both the launch, and the successful completion, of each campaign

Enables Deep Learning

Find out what clients, the community and the public think of your business