We offer the first ever “view to donate” technology, which gives your employees, customers and community a fun and easy way to help your business give back, while simultaneously increasing the public's awareness of your company's good deeds.

Why View to Donate™ Is So Important?

91% of consumer say they would switch to a competitor associated with social causes
Yet online attention span is 8s for millenials, 2.8s for gen z, increasingly difficult to communicate support for causes

How It Works

1.You pledge donations to non profits through your own branded version of the platform

2.The public watches videos to unlock your donations to non profits

3.Your Employees and/or customers compete, the more donations they unlock, the greater their chance of winning

Total Engagement Rate


Video Completion Rate


Driving Value Across Your Business

Human Resources

Provide a fun and easy way for employees to help the business donate to non profits, measure impact on talent acquisition and retention


Generate free, organic cause marketing, as well engagement & demographic data to measure brand lift


Enable your clients, Community and the broader Public to unlock your corporate donations by simply viewing videos

C Suite

Measure social return on investment from talent acq, emp retention, community engagement and brand lift, promote to shareholders